Clinical Team


Our team of professional clinicians consists of master’s level graduates with licenses in professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work. They share a common passion for helping people find hope and healing. Our clinicians are trained to provide culturally sensitive and clinically sound therapy. The integration of biblical and Christian principles is available upon request.

Rhonda Armstrong, LAMFT (Telehealth Only)

Rhonda is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT) with a master’s in science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with Distinction from Capella University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Rhonda enjoys working with her clients and assisting them with revitalizing hope in their lives and using their resources to overcome the struggles of life, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, and marital distress. Rhonda’s clients include families, couples, teens, and elementary-age children.

Rhonda has been married to her husband of 37 years and is blessed to have three adult children and two grandchildren whom she loves dearly. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, attended church throughout the years, and cherishes her Christian values.


NJ License # 37FA00027000

Specialty: Individual, Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling


Je’ohna Bynum, MSW (In-person/Telehealth)

Since a young girl, I’ve always known I wanted to help people (children specifically). However, I did not know what route I wanted to take to get there. After completing my undergraduate studies and taking multiple Child Advocacy and Policy classes, I knew then that I wanted to further my education and become a Social Worker to advocate for and help children who did not have the outlet to do so. In 2019 I graduated with my Master of Social Work from Monmouth University; shortly after graduating, I accepted my first role as working as a social worker and helping those in need. Since then, I have come across many stories of individuals who continuously push me to become a better Social Worker and strive to help where I am needed. I am proud to be a Social Worker and even prouder to say I am helping to make a difference in those I serve lives!

Specialty: Adolescent, Teens, Young Adults, Adult Individual Counseling

Quaitra A. Bynum, LAMFT, BCPC (In-person/Telehealth)

Marriage and Family Therapist, Operations Manager

Quaitra is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. She is currently a Doctoral candidate in Community Care and Counseling, focusing on traumatology. She has been in the helping profession for over 30 years, spending 20+ years in healthcare working in cardiac imaging. In addition to her professional career, Quaitra values her Christian principles and has served in various roles within the church, helping believers on their faith journey.

Quaitra is passionate about helping individuals and families navigate personal, professional, or family-focused challenges. Her areas of interest include anxiety, depression, marital discord, life transitions, and trauma.

On a personal note, Quaitra has been married to her high school sweetheart for 30+ years and is the proud mother to two married adult children and four grandchildren. Quaitra strongly believes that any relationship can be restored if clients are willing and intentional about the individual and collaborative work necessary for change. Her therapeutic approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-focused Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT).

NJ License# 37FA00044300

Specialty: Adolescent 14+, Individual, Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

Rhonda Calliste, LSW (Telehealth Only)

Rhonda Calliste received her Master’s degree in Social Work at California State University Long Beach. She became a Licensed Social Worker in the state of New Jersey in 2006 and is currently working towards clinical licensure

Rhonda has always had a passion for helping others, which led her into the social service field. Her experiences include Habitat for Humanity, Child Welfare and protection, Crisis Intervention, Behavioral Health, and Clinical Education. Rhonda’s desire to help is not limited to the members she serves but extends to everyone around her. Rhonda excelled in her previous roles, advancing to a position where she could be a support to her direct reports as well as management.

Rhonda was born and raised in Los Angeles County California but currently resides in Frenchtown NJ with her husband of 18 years and two teenage sons. She has and continues to volunteer in her children’s school activities and is a member of the Delaware Valley Regional High School Performing Arts Booster Club. Rhonda enjoys spending time with her family, having game nights, dancing, and seeing people happy.

Rhonda’s favorite quotes: “Everything Happens For A Reason” and “It Is What It Is”!!!

Rhonda’s all-time favorite song: “Amazing Grace”

Rhonda’s favorite Bible scripture: KJV “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” Philippians 4:13

Specialties: Marriage, Individual, and Family Counseling

NJ License #44SL05425900

Specialty: Individual, Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

Lia Hannon, LPC (In-person/ Telehealth)

Life can be messy, and at times, we all struggle with how to put the pieces together in a way that allows us to thrive truly. Lia is a counselor who will come alongside you as you sort out, address, and improve the various issues life throws your way. She is a Licensed Counselor working with individuals and couples to create a life where they feel more competent of navigating their internal and external struggles.

In addition to a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Rider University, she has experience working with clients who wrestle with depression, anxiety, substance use, and self-esteem issues in both individual and group settings. Using a holistic approach that incorporates mindfulness, cognitive behavioral, and humanistic approaches, Lia creates a space to help each person feel seen and heard, find new ways to cope, support growth and change, and create a fulfilling and purposeful life. Lia is an EMDR-trained clinician.

License #37PC00918400 

Specialty: Adolescent 14+, Individual, Couples, and Marriage Counseling

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Netesha Jones, LSW (Limited In-person, Telehealth Only)

Netesha is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who has 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. She obtained her Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Kean University, followed by a Master of Social Work Degree from Rutgers University.

Throughout the years, Netesha has provided services to children who have suffered from behavioral disabilities, conduct disorders, bullying, grief, loss, anger management, child abuse and neglect, anxiety, addiction, and substance abuse.

She is a faithful follower of Christ who is committed to using God’s gifts and anointing, along with her clinical knowledge, skills, and experiences towards advancing the lives of children, individuals, and families. Netesha takes great joy and pleasure in watching people grow and progress beyond their life challenges and stressors.

License #44SL05293900

Specialty: Individual, Children age 4+, Adolescent, 

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Sharon Lewis, LAMFT (In-person Only)

Sharon comes to Mending Hearts Behavioral Health and Family Services Counseling with years of experience as a teacher on a secondary educational level in a technical school and a volunteer with various organizations whose focus is intimate violence abuse. These experiences were the schoolmasters that, unknowingly to her, put her on the path to the field of counseling. Strangers would come up to her and begin sharing their problems, and she would help them reach the best possible solutions.

She has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. Sharon incorporates various methods of therapy in her counseling sessions based on the needs of her clients, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotional Behavior Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. She believes strongly in the institution of marriage and the family system, helping her client become their best self and overcome and heal from past hurts. In addition, Sharon incorporates her strong faith in God in her counseling therapy. She will introduce these practices only if the client requests them.

License NJ 37FA00027100

Specialty: Individuals over 40, Couples, Marriage Counseling

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Valerie Mason-Chase, LAC (Telehealth Only)

Before transitioning to counseling, Valerie had a successful 42-year career in another helping profession as an RN. Valerie received her BSN from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC. After feeling the call to counseling, Valerie enrolled in the master’s program in counseling at Cairn University. Her goal is to provide counseling that is clinically, and theoretically sound while being informed, empowered, and supported by a Biblical and theological foundation to clients that request spiritual integration. Valerie has a heart for and is uniquely gifted by her narrative to minister to those who have been impacted by emotional, physical, and sexual trauma.

Deeply passionate about saving marriages, Valerie is on a mission to be an instrument of restoration, reconciliation, and hope for couples. Married for 39 years, Valerie and her husband Frank are the parents of three adult children and grandparents to three girls with a grandson on the way. Valerie is the author of a Christian blog

NJ License 37AC00604200

Specialty: Individual, Couples, Marriage Counseling

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Nancy Mayes, LAC (Telehealth Only)

Nancy Mayes is beginning her counseling career at Mending Hearts. She comes with many life experiences that have led her to believe that anyone can overcome any obstacle that would attempt to hinder them from their potential. Her strong faith in Jesus Christ has been the catalyst for overcoming many obstacles in her own life and has empowered her to recognize the value of coming alongside others to encourage them in their own journey.

Nancy is richly blessed with a wonderful husband, six children, and two grandchildren. She homeschools her younger three children and actively serves in her church.

License #37AC00659000

Specialty: Individual, Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

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Alvin Smith, LAMFT (In-person, Telehealth)

Alvin has earned his master’s degree in Christian Counseling and substance abuse through Grand Canyon University and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). Alvin has been married for 27 years and has four children and 11 grandchildren! Alvin is a retired vet with 26 years of service and is a Retired Social Worker who worked with substance abuse and working with teen boys to young adults within the State of NJ. At Mending Hearts, Alvin provides counseling for individuals, couples, and families of diverse backgrounds. He is also trained to provide Christian counseling. Alvin loves helping others find their purpose using a variety of frameworks, including biblical principles and scripture upon request. His favorite quote is, “When God gives you the dream, the only person who can stop your dream is you”! Live on purpose.

Alvin is the founder of Dare 2 be a Dreamer program for youth and young adults ages 13-18, which was inspired, and birth based on his life story. Alvin also is a mentor for the Pythagoreans growing and developing young boys ages 7 to 18 personally, socially, physically, and spiritually.

License NJ 37FA00029000

Specialty: Adolescent 14+, Individual, Couples, Marriage, Grief Counseling

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Melissa Smith, MSN, APN, PMHNP-BC (Telehealth)

Melissa is a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who has been caring for people with mental illness symptoms for over twenty years. She has a master’s degree in nursing education and is currently completing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

Melissa’s experience spans many settings, including inpatient, outpatient, community care, corrections, detox, and behavioral health emergency care. She has been providing services with the Mending Hearts Family since 2022.

Melissa uses her experience as a nurse, educator, and mental health advocate to guide her whole-health approach to providing mental health care. She empowers patients by helping them understand their symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment options. Services she provides include medication management with brief supportive therapy and group mindfulness sessions that focus on self-care. She believes optimal mental health can be achieved when self-care is prioritized. She encourages honesty regarding symptoms and treatment goals to develop the best treatment plan.

NJ License 26NJ01009500

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Cheryl Swain, MA (In-person, Telehealth)

Cheryl is positive-minded, goal-oriented, and loves people. Cheryl, born and raised in Trenton, NJ, graduated from Notre Dame High School and obtained her BA from Glassboro State College/Rowan University. Cheryl worked for the State of New Jersey as a Behavioral Therapist for 20 years and a Policy Specialist for 13 years before retiring in February 2020. After raising her four children, Cheryl returned to higher education. She obtained an MA in Human Services with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University and an MS in Christian counseling and Addiction Counseling from Grand Canyon University. As a daughter, mother, and friend to many, Cheryl’s favorite pastime is spending quality time with her family, Sorority Sisters, and friends. Cheryl is very passionate about her relationship with God and uses her gifts and talents to strengthen and encourage people in their healing process. Additionally, she is involved in her church and community, is a woman of integrity, promotes positivity in her work environment, and offers grace to everyone she meets, regardless of the situation or circumstance.

Specialty: Children, Individual, Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

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Kierra Thompson, LAC (Telehealth Only)

Kierra’s bio-Kierra has always had a passion for mental health and studying human behavior. After completing a bachelor’s in psychology, she also completed a master’s in professional counseling. Along this journey, Kierra has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings gaining skills to support individuals with various mental and emotional disorders and severity levels. Kierra’s primary focus has been helping children, adolescents, and young adults process diverse emotional difficulties, including anxiety, depression, family issues, and significant life transitions. As a graduate of Cairn University, her preparation for the field also included training in integrating biblical principles with her clinical approaches.

Kierra has made it her mission to give youth and young adults education and tools that help reduce negative mental, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. She desires to see the younger generation thrive as they take on the challenges of early life.

Specialty: Adolescent, Teens, Young Adults, Individual Counseling

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Tiffany Wilson, MSW (In-person, Telehealth)

Tiffany Wilson is a proud alum of Azusa Pacific University with a Master’s in Social Work. My focus is clinical mental health, serving those needing mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. I am passionate about taking a collaborative and holistic approach to serving individuals and families to achieve their ultimate goals in life. I have experience working with diverse populations in faith-based, homeless, outpatient, and community mental health settings. My background includes rigorous training working with youth and adults with trauma, depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder in individual and group settings. In those areas, I have gained experience using several modalities, such as psychoeducation, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). I desire to expand my clinical skills with clients, work collectively with colleagues, and continue to grow professionally as I serve those who seek healing and thriving lives.

Specialty: Adolescent, Teens, Young Adults, Individual

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