About Mending Hearts BHFS

Mending Hearts Behavioral Health and Family Services is a voluntary non-compulsory Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) counseling center providing treatment for individuals, couples, families, and children.

At Mending Hearts Behavioral Health and Family Services, we combine the clinical aspects of mental health therapy with a more personalized approach that enables you to heal in all areas of your life. We have created a culture and environment with a professional team that is warm and embracing.

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Our Mission

Mending Hearts Behavioral Health and Family Services’ mission is to be a holistic healing center that honors the whole person- mind, body, and spirit cultivating hope and healing for families and the community.

We pride ourselves in being a team-first, family-oriented culture of highly motivated professional and compassionate people helpers ready to serve.

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Message from our CEO

Thank you for your interest in Mending Hearts Behavioral Health and Family Services. Our goal is that you receive services that help you heal – Mind, body, and spirit. Wholeness is our desire for you. The cultural symbol of Mending Hearts is the Kintsugi bowl that, according to Japanese art, has been repaired with gold-a precious metal. The traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi fosters the idea that broken objects can be repaired and made useful. We at Mending Hearts understand that just as precious pottery is susceptible and vulnerable to shattering, so it is with our lives. We could imagine that life is perfect, harmonious, and pain-free but quickly realize it is but a dream. That which is damaged and broken with history, when mended with care rather than thrown away, can become something more beautiful. At Mending Hearts, we desire that each person who comes through our doors is made more beautiful than when they arrived.

On behalf of the entire staff at Mending Hearts Behavioral Health and Family Services, thank you for visiting our website, and hope to see you soon.

Dr. Danita Thompson

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